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Medium Dubia Roaches 1/2”-5/8”

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Medium Dubia Roaches 1/2”-5/8” is a top-notch product that will revolutionize the way you feed your reptiles and amphibians. These amazing creatures are approximately 1/2"-5/8" inches in size and are commonly known as orange-spotted roaches. Native to Central & South America, Dubia roaches are highly sought after for their exceptional qualities.

One of the standout features of these roaches is their high meat to shell ratio, making them incredibly nutritious for your pets. Breeders of geckos and dragons rely on Dubia roaches to fatten up their animals due to their high protein content of 22%. Additionally, these roaches contain an impressive 283ppm of calcium, which is beneficial for the overall health and development of your reptiles.

Unlike other insects commonly used as feeders, Dubia roaches are gentle creatures that do not bite. They also do not emit any unpleasant odor, ensuring a clean and fresh environment for both you and your pets. Moreover, Dubia roaches have a longer lifespan of up to two years, providing a consistent source of nutrition for your beloved pets.

Dubia roaches are known for their exceptional hygiene. They do not carry any parasites, eliminating the risk of introducing harmful organisms to your reptiles or amphibians. Their long digestive tract also makes them easily gut-loaded, meaning you can feed them with specific diets to enhance their nutritional value even further.

For optimal health and growth, Dubia roaches thrive on Repashy Bug Burger. This specially formulated food not only nourishes the roaches but also keeps them hydrated. Additionally, Bug Burger is packed with calcium, offering an essential mineral for the well-being of your reptiles.

Medium Dubia Roaches 1/2”-5/8” are the ultimate solution for reptile and amphibian owners who are committed to providing their pets with the best nutrition possible. With their incredible nutritional profile and unique features, these roaches are the ideal feeders to ensure the health, energy, and vitality of your beloved pets. Invest in Medium Dubia Roaches 1/2”-5/8” today and witness the remarkable difference it brings to your reptiles' lives.

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  • 5
    Medium Dubia Roaches

    Posted by Mary Ann McDonald on 26th Feb 2024

    Arrived in good condition. High quality.

  • 4
    Medium Dubia

    Posted by Jillian Fujita on 9th Sep 2023

    Overall I am very pleased with my purchase. I purchased 200 medium, I had only a loss of 10 roaches. Win, win!

  • 5

    Posted by Cooper B on 11th Mar 2021

    Perfect quality as always. Delivery quick and all feeders alive.

  • 5
    Dubia roaches

    Posted by Sarah P on 20th Feb 2021

    Excellent speedy shipping!!! Thanks so much

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